Mission Update:

CyberDuck! Wake up, we have a situation! A top-secret Artificial Intelligence has escaped containment and slipped into the network. Intel suggests the Rogue A.I has united the crime syndicates and taken over as leader. Its calling itself GODBOT. A crime wave is sweeping the city as GODBOT strives to take control!

Find GODBOT and DESTROY it. 

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Game Demo

The CyberDuck game demo represents a very early stage of development. Its really more of a sandbox, with a few levels to run around in and some enemies to blast. I'll develop it further as I continue to flesh out the game. At this point it's really just designed to give a bit of a taste how the game plays and a platform for me to test art, different enemies etc. There's no music yet and I only have some place holder sound effects in. 

That said, please let me know what you think. Feel free to post in the discussion board with any ideas and feedback you might have.  Please follow along with development as I bring this game to completion and publish it :D

Best played in Google Chrome

Game Controls

The demo can be played using either keyboard or touch on a touch-enabled device (mobile phone, tablet etc). To change controls go to Settings > Controls. Note that Controller support is planned but not yet available. 


These are the default keyboard settings. Keys can be customized to your preference from the Control Settings Menu. 

Left / Right Arrows : move player left and right
Up Arrow : Interact (Security doors, interactive environmental elements)
Down Arrow : Drop through platforms
Z : Jump
X : Shoot
P: Pause game
1, 2, 3 : Toggle weapons (Only available if you have discovered them in-game). 

The mouse is used to control various elements:
All menu selections
In-game elements : Pause menu (top right of screen), Weapon Select Button (top left of screen)


Touch controls can be set to left or right-handed. You can change the size and position of in-game buttons. Touch controls can be used on any touch-enabled device. For best game-play experience set the game to fullscreen. 

With touch enabled, navigate all menus by touching buttons.  

Tap Weapon Select Button (top left in-game) : Open menu to select weapon
Tap Pause : Pause Game. 
Tap Left / Right / Jump / Shoot buttons : Control player character in-game
Swipe down : drop through platforms
Swipe Up : Interact 

Hold and Drag Fire Button Up : Enables firelock 
(To disable firelock Tap Fire Button while fire lock is enabled)

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