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Oh my gosh, this game is... Well in short, the best I have ever played! I beat the entire game (all 108 levels) and I am so sad. Wish there were more levels (hint hint? PLEASE!!!). This is a must download!


Best... Game... Ever.....

Lvl. 22 I can't seem to find any way over the second spike pit. Have looked for butterflies and no secrets found yet. Any advice?


Hi there DeezNuts909 :) You should checkout the Cluckles' subreddit for walkthroughs, secret reveals and general discussion about beating levels. Tips for level22 were recently mentioned there.

The game is pretty fun but the controls are spaced really poorly for an iPad 9.7. I'd like customizable control placement, or just better iPad controls

Hi yes this has been pointed out to me by a couple of players now, Ill be updating the game to have adjustable controls asap.

Thanks for the feedback.

No problem!